Sunrise Vows: Laynee & Adam's Elopement in Sedona

Laynee and Adam celebrated their love in a tranquil sunrise elopement in Sedona. Their day was filled with beautiful moments and a scenic hike.

In the early hours of a peaceful Sedona morning, Laynee and Adam chose to elope, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Arizona. Their heartfelt ceremony was witnessed by their parents, followed by a small cake cutting. The couple then embarked on a memorable hike and a simple picnic in the breathtaking Sedona wilderness.

"I love you until my days are done and forever more."

Their day was a celebration of their love story and the scenic wonders of Sedona. We were honored to capture these special moments and wish Laynee and Adam a lifetime of happiness together.

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Photographer: Escape and Adventure


Officiant: Life Passages

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