Megan & Joe | Agave of Sedona

A wedding combining glamour, formality, and a touch of rustic boho. With terracotta, gold, and more, shaping the color palette; floral arrangements featuring hues of dusty rose, soft pink, maroon, greenery, and gold accents; all serving as the guiding light to the romantic and sweet representation of Megan & Joe's love for each other.

In the heart of downtown Prescott, on a magical New Year's Eve, Megan and Joe's love story unfolded like a fairytale. As fate would have it, their paths converged in a bar, where the universe seemed to hold its breath for a moment, watching two souls destined for one another.

For Joe, the very first glimpse of Megan was nothing short of enchanting. He recalls thinking, "Oh wow, she is beautiful." Megan, on the other hand, found herself captivated by Joe's charm and stature, thinking, "Oh, he is cute and tall." In that instant, the stars aligned, and the stage was set for a love story that would transcend time and space.

What makes their love story truly remarkable is the depth of their admiration for one another. Joe is enamored by Megan's unwavering determination, her boundless compassion, and her incomparable beauty. He marvels at her role as an incredible mother, a testament to her nurturing spirit and the love that flows from her heart. Above all, Joe cherishes the fact that Megan embraces him for who he is, celebrating both his strengths and imperfections.

Megan, in turn, finds herself falling in love with Joe's many virtues. She sees in him a man who is not only remarkably handsome but also exceptionally loving and hardworking. His trustworthiness forms the foundation of their bond, a trust that allows their love to flourish. Joe's ability to effortlessly embrace Megan's children as his own, coupled with his innate ability to make her laugh, fills her heart with joy. Megan admires Joe's romantic soul, sensitive nature, and the undeniable charm that graces every facet of his being. Above all, she treasures his unwavering chivalry and respect for her, recognizing that in his presence, she is free to be her authentic self.

As they journey through life hand in hand, Megan and Joe continue to write their love story, one filled with romance, whimsy, and an enduring connection that will forever stand the test of time.

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