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I'm Monique, the face behind the lens at Digital Creative Media. Beyond being a storyteller through photography, I'm an avid reader, master builder, digital artist and boy mom! I believe in bringing a personal touch to every snapshot and With a passion for capturing life's unscripted elegance, my photography style combines editorial finesse with a documentary touch. Join me on this visual journey where we don't just take pictures; we craft moments into timeless stories.

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Photographer of the year

Monique and Michael were amazing. They took care to keep us relaxed during a busy day. They made sure we got all the pictures we asked for and even pictures I had no idea I wanted but absolutely love now! If you want someone who has fabulous ideas and can make anyone comfortable on their special day Digital Creative is your best choice!

Bekah B
One of the best memories from our wedding

Super flexible. Easy to contact and work with. We felt listened to and she made it very special for us. We would totally recommend and use her again.

We love Monique!

Monique photographed our wedding in November and we LOVED her. She was extremely on task and got all our group/planned shots done quickly so we could get on to the party! Which is saying something, because it wasn’t easy to wrangle our family. She got our photos to us super quick after the wedding and the result was awesome. We would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a kind and talented photographer.

Megan M
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We might be a good fit if...
  • You Value Timeless Elegance: If you appreciate the timeless beauty of editorial photography with a documentary touch, where each moment is crafted into a visual masterpiece, we could be the perfect match.
  • You Seek Personalized Storytelling: If you're looking for more than just photos and desire a storytelling experience that captures the essence of your unique journey, from the grand moments to the subtle nuances, our approach aligns with your vision.
  • A Love for Cinematic Romance: If you're drawn to the idea of your love story being captured with a cinematic flair, evoking emotions and creating a visual narrative that feels like a scene from a beautiful film, you've come to the right place.
  • Attention to Detail Matters: If you appreciate attention to detail, from the subtle play of light to the careful framing of each shot, and you believe that these details contribute to the overall magic of a photograph, we share a common appreciation for the art of photography.
  • You Crave an Authentic Connection: If you're not just looking for a photographer but a creative collaborator who genuinely cares about understanding your vision, building a connection, and creating an authentic representation of your love, then we're on the same page.