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Gen Z vs. Millennial Views on Wedding Trends

Let's explores the evolving perspectives and trends in weddings, particularly among Generation Z (ages 18-25) compared to Millennials (ages 26-41). Key differences emerge in dating duration, financial discussions, wedding planning preferences, and technology use.

Unlocking Wedding Trends: Gen Z vs. Millennials

Alright, let's spill the tea on how Generation Z and Millennials are shaking up the whole wedding scene. First off, Gen Z isn't rushing things. They're dating longer before putting a ring on it—68% dated for over two years before saying "I do," that's 8% more than the Millennials.

Now, when it comes to talking dollars and cents, Gen Z is all about it. 90% of them are having the money talk before getting down on one knee, which is 4% more than the Millennials. Smart move, right?

But here's where it gets interesting. Gen Z is all about capturing every moment. Engagement photos? Absolutely necessary, says a whopping 89% of them—10% more than their Millennial counterparts. And on the big day, they're all about photos and videos, with 83% considering it the most crucial element. They're also into grand entrances and exits, sparklers and fireworks included, unlike the more reserved Millennials.

Now, Gen Z doesn't just want a cookie-cutter wedding. They're throwing in cultural, religious, or ethnic elements—40% of them, to be exact. And vibrant colors? Green is the new black, apparently, with 56% of Gen Z couples embracing unconventional hues.

Tech-savvy much? You bet. They're sliding into those online chats with vendors (40% of them) and binge-watching wedding tips on YouTube (51%). Plus, they're ditching the traditional save-the-date routine for QR codes linking to wedding websites—26% of them, to be exact, which is 6% more than the Millennials.

When it comes to proposals, they're not just popping the question; they're crafting a whole experience. 58% feel the pressure for a super unique proposal, and almost half of them plan it one to three months ahead.

Oh, and forget the traditional round diamond rings—oval-shaped stones are in, making up 21% of the bling, up by 7% since 2017. And guess what's rising too? Lab-grown diamonds, accounting for 36%, up by a whopping 18% since 2020.

On the big day, they're not skimping on vendors. The average is 14 vendors per wedding, and they're not just looking at prices—they want reviews and vendors who vibe with their style.

And venue-wise, 57% are keeping it local, choosing a spot within 30 miles. If you're hunting for vendors or venues, The Knot Vendor Marketplace is their go-to.

So, in a nutshell, Gen Z weddings are all about capturing unique moments, embracing diversity, and adding a splash of tech. It's not your grandma's wedding, that's for sure! 🎉💍