What does it mean to “elope”?

There are many misnomers when it comes to elopements.

There are many misnomers when it comes to elopements. I'll be completely honest too... it wasn't until I starting working in the wedding industry that I learn how intimate, elegant and BEAUTIFUL elopements can be!! So taking a turn inward, I am reexamining a few of my personal biases: (1) people who elope do so because their marriage isn’t approved by others (2) people who elope can’t afford weddings (3) elopements only include you and your significant other (4) elopements are last minute.

couple kissing with beautiful sunset and mountains in the background

The truth?!? IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY! In today’s world, eloping can be just as magical, intimate and full of family memories as a regular wedding.

Let’s break down these myths so we can see how elopements can be perfect for you!

1). People who elope do so because their marriage isn’t approved by others.

FALSE. I personally think this is an old school way of thinking. Sure, there was that stigma in the past and you always hear the stories from your great aunt who eloped or a cousin who eloped and it was "taboo." However, that doesn't have to be the same for you! There are many "traditions" that we hold to just because we believe it's the norm. But what if you want to do something different? That is totally ok.

Many times you might hear or see a post online "I kinda want to do this.... but my family wants to do this...." IMO - YOU DO YOU. If you want a small/micro wedding then do it.

2). People who elope can’t afford weddings

No lie. Weddings can be EXPENSIVE but think about it: If you can spend 2 times less on an elopement package, have an awesome day adventure with the one you love and exchange vow at an AWESOME location, wouldn't you do the same?!

There are a lot of opportunities to save money when it comes to an elopement but let's try to break this myth in more than one way. Yes elopements CAN BE cheaper but if you have a proper budget you can have a destination elopement to remember for ages!!

I'll say it again: if you have the budget for a 5k wedding, imagine the places you can go for an elopement. For example, my wedding was nearly 8k in total (and we even saved on a few vendors by doing DIYs) for just a one day celebration. If I had that budget knowing what I know now about the potential of elopements, we would have been able to do an epic elopement day full of adventure and probably still had lots left over to do other things.

3). Elopements only include you and your significant other

Who made this rule?? Like seriously lol If you want family with you. DO IT. The general consensus from other elopement photographers is a party between 10-15 can still be considered an elopement. Anything between 15-25ish is a micro wedding.

I come from a close knit family, so personally I would love to have them along for at least part of the journey.

So then, do what ever you want to do! If you want family there for the reading of your vows and then have a family dinner/reception after, do it. If you want to read your vows in private and then meet up with family later, do it. If you want it just to be you and your significant other, DO IT.

There's no wrong way to elope and the possibilities are endless!

4). Elopements are planned last minute

Again, this can be true but doesn't have to be the norm. Now and days (especially with COVID around) some brides like to save up for an adventure elopement to have epic photos taken MONTHS in advance just like a regular wedding. In my opinion, if you have the time to save, SAVE so you can spoil yourselves come your elopement day.

couple kissing with sunbeams breaking through her hair
elopement couple dancing with mountains in the background
couple sharing an intimate kiss in the water

My take-aways?

Your elopement can be as unique as you are. Adventure or not. Bring family or just be you and your SO. There's no wrong way to do it. Find what is uniquely YOU, plan for the best day of your life with NO limits and bask in the awesomeness!!!

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