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Elopement photography for the nontraditional unity

Embark on a journey of love with Digital Creative Media's destination elopement photography. Our lens follows you to breathtaking locations, capturing the beauty of your intimate exchange of vows in stunning, natural settings. Explore how we blend editorial flair with a documentary touch to create timeless memories of your unique love story.

Meet Monique: Your Arizona-Based Traveling Elopement Photographer

Passion for Love Stories amid US’s Diverse Landscapes

Are you ready to embark on a journey to capture the essence of your love story? Meet Monique, your Arizona-based destination elopement photographer. With a passion for freezing unscripted moments against the backdrop of the United States' diverse landscapes, Monique is not just a photographer but a storyteller crafting visual poetry.

Why Choose Monique as Your Destination Elopement Photographer

Capturing Arizona's Essence: Why Monique is Your Ideal Elopement Photographer

Unveil the magic of Arizona through Monique's lens. She goes beyond the ordinary, capturing not just photos but the very essence of your love. Monique's specialty lies in crafting intentional experiences, ensuring your elopement day is not just an event but a journey into the heart of your unique story.

Unlimited Assistance: Crafting Your Perfect Day with Monique's Expertise

When you choose Monique, you gain more than a photographer; you gain a dedicated guide. Monique provides unlimited assistance, helping you navigate legalities, obtain permits, and plan the perfect elopement experience. With Monique, your day is not just captured; it's curated.

Editorial photography with a documentary soul

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Getting Married in Arizona: Legalities and Permits

Legal Essentials: Your $83 Marriage License Guide for Arizona

Before the vows, there's paperwork. Monique guides you through the legal essentials of getting married in Arizona, from the $83 marriage license to the details of obtaining an officiant and witnesses. Your elopement journey starts with proper legal footing.

Securing Your Perfect Spot: Navigating Elopement Location Permits

Dreaming of an intimate ceremony at a breathtaking location? Monique unravels the complexities of location permits, ensuring you say "I do" surrounded by Arizona's scenic wonders. Let Monique be your navigator in securing the perfect spot for your love story.

Best Time to Elope in Arizona: Seasonal Delights

Timing is Everything: Optimal Seasons for Your Arizona Elopement

Arizona offers a diverse climate, and Monique helps you choose the optimal time for your elopement. From the bloom of wildflowers in spring to the changing colors of fall, Monique guides you to the seasons that enhance the magic of your special day.

Beating the Crowds: Weekday Wisdom for Your Special Day

Crowds can dampen the intimacy of your elopement. Monique shares the wisdom of choosing weekdays, ensuring your celebration remains intimate, personal, and away from the hustle and bustle of popular spots.

Best Arizona Elopement Locations: Scenic Wonders

Sedona's Red Rocks to Horseshoe Bend: Arizona's Elopement Gems

Discover Arizona's hidden gems as Monique unveils elopement locations, from Sedona's towering red rocks to the iconic Horseshoe Bend. Monique's expertise turns landscapes into stages for your love story.

From Grand Canyon to Saguaro National Park: Diverse Options Unveiled

Whether it's the grandeur of the Grand Canyon or the iconic Saguaro National Park, Monique introduces you to a diverse array of options. Your love story deserves a backdrop as unique as your journey together.

Where to Stay: Elevate Your Experience

Beyond Hotel Rooms: Airbnb, Vrbo, and Glamping for Your Arizona Elopement

Your stay matters as much as the ceremony. Monique recommends elevating your experience through Airbnb, Vrbo, or even glamping options. Your accommodation becomes a part of your story, adding magic to every moment.

Luxury Retreat: Amangiri and Under Canvas for Exclusive Elopements

For a truly luxurious experience, Monique suggests exclusive retreats like Amangiri and Under Canvas. Imagine saying your vows surrounded by the untouched beauty of nature, where luxury meets the wild.

Planning Your Arizona Elopement Experience: Details and Activities

Beyond Vows: Crafting Your Unique Arizona Elopement Experience

Your elopement is not just about vows; it's about the entire experience. Monique encourages you to think beyond the ordinary, suggesting details that make your day uniquely yours. From personalized vow books to incorporating your pets, every detail is a chapter in your love story.

Day-Before and Day-After Sessions: Extending the Magic of Your Trip

Capture more than just the ceremony. Monique recommends day-before and day-after sessions, extending the magic of your trip. These sessions offer a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera and create additional memories in multiple locations.

Elopement Package Inclusions and Pricing

Inclusive Packages: Your Stress-Free Arizona Elopement Experience

Monique's elopement packages are crafted for a stress-free experience. From helping you pick a date to providing personalized location recommendations, Monique's inclusions ensure every aspect of your day is accounted for.

Pricing Breakdown: Investing in Unforgettable Memories

Invest in memories that last a lifetime. Monique breaks down her pricing, offering transparency and clarity. Most couples spend about $9,000 for elopement day coverage and a day-before session, a worthwhile investment in unforgettable memories.

Ready to Begin? Let's start planning Your destination Elopement Adventure

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Amazing experience, easy process, fun photo shoot!

Monique, our photographer, made this experience so easy and enjoyable! She kept great communication before, during, and after the wedding. She made it so fun and went above and beyond for us. We felt comfortable and confident the entire time. The pictures are breathtaking and everything we were hoping for. She did a wonderful job capturing who we are as a couple in our photos. I recommended her 100% and we will definitely book her again for future occasions.